What To Do If Your Car Runs Out Of Gas

You’re driving down the road. Suddenly you hear a dreaded noise. It sounds like sputtering. Then you notice that you are out of gas. The gauge reads empty and you’re slowly coming to a stop. Pit Shop Garage, your auto shop in Libertyville, IL offers you this guide on what you need to do in […]

How To Save Money On Gas

With gas prices higher than ever nationwide, you’re considering ways to save money on gas. Pit Shop Auto Repair is your auto shop in Libertyville, IL and provides you with some of the tips listed below on how you can do that. Making your vehicle as fuel efficient as possible is the main goal that […]

How to Know if Your Car is Burning Oil and the Most Common Causes

A car that’s burning oil could have several causes, ranging from simple issues that your mechanic can fix quickly to expensive problems that require more extensive repairs. Here are the most common causes burning oil and how to know if your car is burning oil. How to Tell if Your Car Is Burning Oil Blue […]

3 Maintenance Tips Before Your Summer Road Trip

If you’re planning a road trip this summer, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. Pit Shop Garage is your auto repair shop in Libertyville, IL that is reminding you to make sure you maintain your vehicle as the temperatures heat up. Likewise, it may be a good idea to […]

3 Noises To Look Out For And What They Mean

You drive down the road and hear a weird noise. That’s usually not a good sign. There are three common noises to keep your ears peeled for.  Pit Shop Auto Repair, your ASE certified mechanics in Libertyville, IL, are ready and standing by for any repairs that you need to get done. If you hear […]

Six Reasons Why You Hear Knocking Sounds Coming From the Engine

You should never hear knocking sounds coming from your car, truck, or C/SUV’s engine. If you do, drive straight to Pit Shop Auto Repair. There is either a detonation problem that is making the engine knock, a rod and rod bearing problem that is making the engine knock, or a problem with the accessory belt. […]

I Smell Rotten Eggs in My Car’s Exhaust

If you smell rotten eggs in your car’s exhaust, your catalytic converter is dying. This crucial exhaust system part treats the harmful emissions so they can be safely released into the environment. Pit Shop Auto Repair can test your catalytic converter and replace it if necessary. If you drive a vehicle that is 10 years […]

How Long Does A Battery Last In Cold Weather?

If you are curious as to how long a battery lasts in cold weather, you’re in the right place. The winters in Illinois can get rough and your auto mechanic in Libertyville, IL knows this very well. For this reason, it’s important to find out how long a battery can last in cold weather. We’ll […]

A Faulty Oxygen Sensor Can Cause the Following Symptoms

Also called the O2 sensor, a malfunctioning oxygen sensor can wreak havoc underneath the hood. This sensor communicates with your automobile’s main computer chip to let it know how much oxygen is in the exhaust. If it sends the wrong information, the engine control module will make unnecessary adjustments to the fuel and air in […]