Libertyville, IL and Grayslake, IL Auto Repair Services

At Pit Shop Auto Repair, our team of highly-trained professional mechanics has years of experience providing vehicle owners in Libertyville and Grayslake, IL with our maintenance and repair services. From general automotive services to extensive repairs, we can handle all of your automotive maintenance needs.

We Have A Lot of Experience Working on American Models

The United States auto industry has been churning out two and four wheeled vehicles for us to drive for over a century. We provide service to popular makes like Chevrolet or Ford, but can also provide service to discontinued makes like Saturn, GEO, or Pontiac. These are some of the American makes we work on the most:

Our Mechanics are Experienced in Working on European Vehicles

European vehicles are among some of the most luxurious on the planet. If you have a European vehicle, you don’t want to let just any mechanic work on it, you want an expert. At Pit Shop Auto Repair, we’ve been servicing both luxury and regular cars from Europe for years, and these are some of the makes we service the most:

Experts at Working on Japanese and Korean Vehicles

Japanese and Korean cars are known for being dependable and long-lasting, and rightfully so. There are a number of great automobile manufacturers based out of Asia, and we have experience working with a lot of them, including:

Let Us Service Your Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid and electric vehicles have been increasing in popularity over the years, especially in the past decade. Not only are hybrid vehicles better for the environment, but they can also save you a good bit of money, since you don’t have to fill up as often, or ever if you have a fully electric vehicle. We have a lot of experience working with electric, gas, and diesel vehicles, so we can help you no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

Why Work With Pit Shop Auto Repair

When you bring your vehicle to an auto-shop, you’re putting a good bit of trust into the mechanic. You’re trusting that they’ll be able to fix whatever problems you’re having, without causing any new problems. At Pit Shop Auto Repair, all mechanics under our employ are highly trained and have years of experience working on a variety of different makes and models. For years now we’ve been one of the most respected auto-garages in Libertyville, IL – let us help you no matter what issue you’re having!