Axle and Drive Shaft

Axle and Drive Shaft

Expert Libertyville, IL and Grayslake, IL DriveShaft and Axle Repair

The axle transfers power, along with the drive shaft, from the engine to the tires. Basically, your axle and drive shaft is directly responsible for turning your tires. Any issue you have with either your axle or drive shaft is a serious one, as any problem, even one that seems relatively minor, can compromise your ability to control your vehicle. Our mechanics at Pit Shop Auto Repair are experts in axle and driveshaft repair, and will be able to help no matter the issue you’re having.

Drive Shaft Repair in the Greater Libertyville, IL Area

A drive shaft is a cylindrical rod found in the middle of rear-wheel drive cars between the rear axle shaft and the transmission. They’re designed to move power from your engine to the rear tires of your vehicle. Four-wheel drive vehicles can have two drive shafts, and front-wheel drive cars have what are known as “half-shafts”. Over time drive shafts will become worn down and will need to be repaired, or if the damage is too severe, replaced.

A Few Things You May Notice When Something is Awry

When something goes wrong with either an axle or a drive shaft, you want to have it looked at sooner rather than later, as allowing an issue to continue can cause even more issues. These are some signs to keep an eye and ear out for:

Professional Axle Shaft Repair

Axle shafts help turn your car’s wheels by carrying the rotation momentum from the transmission. They’re also known as CV axles and half shafts, and are composed of a metal pole, CV joints, and boots that contain grease. If one component fails, it can be replaced, however if multiple components are damaged, or if there’s too much overall damage, your axle will need to be replaced.

Axle and Drive Shaft Repair You Can Trust

At Pit Shop Auto Repair, we employ only the most experienced and trained mechanics, which has led to our name becoming one of the most trusted in the Chicago, Grayslake, and Libertyville area. We have experience working on vehicles of all makes and models, and can fix anything bumper to bumper. For as long as we’ve been working on vehicles in our garage, we’ve been repairing and replacing both drive shafts and axles. Reach out to us today to schedule a day when you can come by our garage.