What To Do If Your Car Runs Out Of Gas

You’re driving down the road. Suddenly you hear a dreaded noise. It sounds like sputtering.

Then you notice that you are out of gas. The gauge reads empty and you’re slowly coming to a stop. Pit Shop Garage, your auto shop in Libertyville, IL offers you this guide on what you need to do in this situation. Your vehicle may run out of gas and you might not even know it.

Let’s take a look now at the following steps that we suggest. Here we go!

1. Pull your vehicle to a safe spot

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you pull your vehicle over to a safe space. This will also ensure that you are out of danger (especially when you shouldn’t be sitting still in traffic). After this, you’ll want to turn on your hazard lights, which indicate you are dealing with an issue. 

When you can do so safely, exit your vehicle and find a safe spot to stand.


2. Determine your location

Knowing your location will be key. Especially when you need to provide the information to the proper services. Your cellphone will likely have a GPS coordinate to tell you where you are.

Take note of where you are including the name of the highway, the distance you’re traveling in, the mile market, or any significant landmarks that are closeby. An auto care center near Gurnee, IL will be able to reach your location momentarily.


3. Call for assistance (or flag someone down)

At this point, you’ll want to call for assistance. Be sure to use the information provided including your location. Let them know that you are stranded on the highway because your vehicle ran out of gas.

Let them know about the type of fuel your vehicle needs. For example, if it’s a regular car, regular unleaded gas is the best option. If you own a diesel vehicle, then request diesel gas.

You may need to travel to the nearest gas station on foot (if it’s safe to do so). You may need to consider flagging down help when push comes to shove. Especially in situations where you are in an area where cell phone reception is low or non-existent.

When you’re flagging someone down, make sure you’re standing in a safe spot. Be sure to ask them what you need including a ride to the gas station, making a call, or bringing you gas with a gas can.


Need immediate service? Call us!

If you run out of gas and are near Mundelein, IL, call Pit Shop Garage today. While we are not a gas station, our ASE-certified mechanics will make sure that you get the assistance you need. Be sure to follow these steps above to help you get out of a predicament when you run out of gas.

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