Why Have I Started Grinding My Gears Again?

You probably ground a few gears when you learned how to drive with the clutch. Once you got used to it, however, the only sound you heard was the changes in the engine’s RPMs. If you are suddenly grinding the gears again, the problem is not you. Pit Shop Auto Repair advises that the problem […]

The Importance of Oil Changes

Caring for your car is easy when you have access to the right auto repair shop and the right skilled service technicians. At Pit Shop Garage, we provide services for many makes and models of vehicles, from Nissan to Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and Ford and Chevy.  If you are located in the Libertyville, Mundelein, Vernon […]

Symptoms Of A Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor

As you know, fresh air flows into your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine via the grille and inlets. This air is routed to the combustion chamber to be used for combustion. Pit Shop Auto Repair advises that the mass airflow (MAF) sensor is responsible for tracking how much air flows into the engine. If […]

Symptoms of a Bad Car Thermostat

Your car’s thermostat has the important job of releasing the coolant once the engine reaches a certain temperature. The average lifespan of a car thermostat is 10 years. If you’re driving an older automobile that has a lot of miles on it, chances are your thermostat could go bad at any moment. Pit Shop Auto […]

The Sounds Your Car Shouldn’t Make with Pit Shop Garage

A completely quiet car isn’t normal. A loud car definitely is not normal and is probably a sign of a problem. You should be able to hear your radio and conversation, and not rattling, squeaking, or anything else repetitive and loud. Pit Stop Auto Repair of Libertyville, Illinois might be able to hear you coming in, […]

Common Causes of Vehicle Suspension Problems

Suspension problems can start small and end up big and expensive. It’s important to take care of your automobile’s suspension just as well as you take care of the rest of your car. Pit Shop Auto Repair can diagnose and repair any suspension problem your car, truck, or utility vehicle might have. Here are common […]

Let’s Talk About Fall Automotive Maintenance and Why it’s Important

We are so lucky we get to live in Libertyville, IL. We have the best of both worlds; suburban charm with Chicago about an hour away. When you’re 5 miles from Lake Michigan, you get pretty cold in the winter, and driving in these conditions is dangerous, not only because of the weather but also […]

Just How Old Are Your Tires?

The age of your tires has a lot to do with their overall quality and safety. Most drivers don’t realize that there is a way to tell the age of your tires just by looking at them. And, no, we are not talking about checking the tire tread wear. Whether you are checking your tires […]

A Bumpy Ride Means Suspension Problems

You shouldn’t feel as if your insides are going to shake out of your body while you’re driving along. Even on a bumpy road, your vehicle is designed to take the lumps if you’re going slow enough. If you’ve noticed your ride has become a bit bumpy lately, you may have suspension problems. Stop by […]

Fall Vehicle Maintenance

You know your furnace needs fall maintenance before winter comes but what about your vehicle? Yes, it is wise to have your vehicle inspected prior to the colder weather, especially in Illinois where the winters really pack a punch. Pit Shop Auto Repair would be happy to ensure your car, truck or SUV is winter-ready […]