The Sounds Your Car Shouldn’t Make with Pit Shop Garage

A completely quiet car isn’t normal. A loud car definitely is not normal and is probably a sign of a problem. You should be able to hear your radio and conversation, and not rattling, squeaking, or anything else repetitive and loud. Pit Stop Auto Repair of Libertyville, Illinois might be able to hear you coming in, and can help. We offer car repair with excellent service. After you are done visiting us, you’ll be able to have a normal conversation in your car without having to speak up.

Why does my vehicle make sounds?

Your car is a moving assembly of metal with a huge variety of parts that are capable of making sounds under normal and bad conditions. Your vehicle should make some sounds, like an engine starting and revving up, and some road noise at high speed. Other sounds aren’t so normal and are a strong indicator that something is wearing down or is broken.

What should I keep my ears open for?


A rattlesnake is not likely to be hiding in your car. Rattling is more likely a sign of a loose exhaust system. The pipes that carry emissions away from your vehicle can become loose and eventually leak.

Squealing Brakes

You will probably feel begin to feel noticeable issues actually slowing down after you begin to hear squealing. Brakes have a built in indicator that makes some noise once they are nearly worn down and applying them will produce the squeal. Rust or dirt on your brakes can also produce the same noise. 

Tapping or Clicking in the Engine

The most likely cause of tapping or clicking is either dirty oil or low oil. Check the oil levels. If it’s clean and full, you might have a port or opening plugged up that’s causing the sound. Low oil pressure can also result in tapping or clicking. Our ASE Certified Technicians can help sort out where these sounds are coming from and tell you what needs to be done.


When you accelerate, your vehicle shouldn’t sound like a lion. Roaring while accelerating means that your exhaust system has an issue or your transmission is slipping. The transmission slipping could also be accompanied by our vehicle feeling “jumpy” between gears. 

Turning Sounds

Turning should be rather quiet. You are directing your suspension and linkage to move the tires in a different direction. The result should be a quiet and smooth turn. 

Why Pit Stop?

Pit Stop offers a variety of unique services. We can give you a ride to work, home, or wherever locally you need. We offer same day service as well to keep your home and work life running while you are in for maintenance. We also offer financing for major repairs, as money shouldn’t keep people from getting needed repairs as soon as possible. 

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