Your Vehicle’s Fuel Pump Could Be Going Bad if the Seven Following Things Are Happening

The fuel pump in your car, truck, or SUV plays a critical role. Without it, your vehicle will not start or run. The fuel pump is how the gasoline gets from the tank to the engine. Using either an electric motor, which is more common these days, or vacuum pressure, the fuel pump draws the gas from the tank and pumps it into the engine where it is mixed with air in the carburetor. According to Pit Shop Auto Repair, your pump could be going bad if you experience any of the following seven things.

High-Speed Power Loss

The fuel pump supplies a constant stream of gasoline to your motor and if it cannot do that, your motor will sputter, especially at high speeds. After a few sputters, the engine will gain back its power.

Stress-Induced Power Loss

Your vehicle will also lose power when under stress if the pump isn’t supplying enough gas. Times when you experience this power loss include going up steep roads and when you tow cargo.

Engine Surges

The fuel pump motor uses resistance to control the gasoline flow. If the motor is failing, you might feel your vehicle surge forward as if you stepped on the gas because the pump is sending too much gas.

Low Gas Mileage

If the fuel pump is pushing too much gasoline through to the motor, your gas mileage will suffer. The pump’s relief valve can also stick in the open position releasing extra gas when you don’t need it.

Low Fuel Pressure

Test to see if your fuel pressure is too high or too low by checking it with a fuel pressure gauge. You can buy one at an auto parts store. Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s ideal fuel pressure reading.


If your pump motor is going out it might overheat as it tries to push gas through. This can also cause your engine to overheat and stall due to temperature transfer from the pump to the engine.

Dead Engine

Finally, if the pump fails your engine will. Your car, truck, or SUV cannot start with a bad fuel pump. It won’t get the gas it needs to ignite the spark plugs sparks in the combustion chamber.

Pit Shop Auto Repair in Libertyville, IL, can inspect and test your fuel pump. If it isn’t the problem, we’ll find out what is. Contact us today!