What To Do If Your Battery Dies in the Winter

The winter months in Illinois can get brutal. This time of year may be the one time you don’t want your battery to die. This guide is brought to you by Pit Shop Garage, your auto care center in Libertyville, IL that also deals with battery issues when you need them fixed.

We’ll discuss what you need to do in case your battery is dead. Your vehicle won’t start and it can be even worse if you are stranded away from home. Let’s take a look now at what can be done.

Replace your battery

It’s obvious that one of your solutions would be to replace the battery. Leave it to an ASE-certified technician near Mundelein, IL that will be helping you out with that. The battery will have our 3 year, 36000 mile warranty added to it (along with the high quality parts we can install for you).

You can also replace the battery yourself. Either way, Pit Shop Garage will be here for all of your auto body needs. If you need an inspection, we’ll do it for you.

If you need repairs but have errands to run, use one of our free loaner cars. Or get a free ride to or from the shop if you need to go to work or home. We treat you like one of our own and nothing less than that.

Jumpstart it

If you have jumper cables, you’ll want to make sure they are clean and have no corrosion. They should also have no frays. Make sure you have one clip on the positive terminal and the other end on a live vehicle’s negative part of the battery.

Make sure the dead vehicle is grounded. After the connection is double checked, turn on the live vehicle and let it run for a bit. Then try and start the dead vehicle.

Test the battery

Testing the battery will help you determine whether or not it needs to be replaced. Not only that, it should be replaced every three to five years. An old battery will have lesser capacity.

If you need a mechanic near Vernon Hills, IL to help you make the determination, Pit Shop Garage is the perfect place. You should test your battery on a regular basis even before winter hits.  That way, you can decide sooner to replace the battery. The sooner you change it, the better.

Take care of your battery…come see us today

If you need a battery changed, Pit Shop Garage will be happy to set you up with a new one. Our Auto shop near Lake Forest, IL takes pride in helping our customers. We’d love to serve you in the best way possible. Don’t let battery issues plague your winter driving. You have places to go and people to see, even during the holidays. Don’t take any chances.

Come see us at Pit Shop Garage on 19123 West Casey Rd, Libertyville, IL 60048 or call at 847-984-0176.