Top Tips to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

If you live in a low crime area, you might think that car theft is something that happens to other people. The sad truth, however, is that car theft is a crime of opportunity, one that can happen anywhere and at any time.

From the suburbs to the big cities to rural areas and rolling farmland, car theft happens everywhere, and drivers need to take proactive measures to protect themselves and the vehicles they drive. If you are not taking these steps, you are putting your ride at risk. Here are some simple tips to keep your car safe from the thieves who would take it.

Park in Safe and Well Lit Areas

If you go out at night or work the night shift, you need to be extra careful when you park your car. The incidence of car theft and other crimes goes up after dark, when thieves can ply their trade undetected.

Take a good look around before you leave your car and ask yourself if the spot you have chosen is truly safe. Look for a safe and well lit place to leave your car, even if it means walking a few extra steps or taking a bit longer to get to the office. Those extra steps will be worth it when you come out and find your car waiting for you.

Choose a Quality Anti-Theft

From car alarms and motion detectors to tiny cameras and steering wheel locks, there are plenty of effective anti-theft devices on the market today. In the end, however, the best anti-theft device is the one you will use, so think about the way you drive and your lifestyle and choose accordingly.

A steering wheel lock can be a good choice, especially if you need to park your car in a different spot each night or if you live in a sketchy neighborhood. A car alarm and surveillance camera can be a good choice as well – just be sure you know how to use the device and how to set it properly. The key is to protect your car using the best possible technology.

Know Where Your Keys Are

If you are constantly losing your keys, you could be putting your car at risk. Losing your keys presents a real opportunity for the enterprising car thief, and by the time you realize your mistake your vehicle could be long gone.

Get in the habit of stowing your keys in the same pocket or purse every single time. Over time, it will become a habit, so you will never have to worry about losing your car keys again.

Few things are as disconcerting as coming out and finding your car gone. If your car is stolen, you will need to file a police report, deal with lots of red tape and hope the insurance company pays up. It is best to prevent that theft in the first place, and following the tips above is a good place to start.