What Types of Things Can Be Uncovered During Diagnostic Testing That You Would Otherwise Not Know is Wrong?

You may think that getting your vehicle is a hassle, but there is a reason for those safety checks. Many vehicle problems, even very serious ones, can go undetected for months. If you fail to find those problems now, you could be looking at a big repair bill later.

In addition to the standard safety checks, it is a good idea to have your vehicle professionally diagnosed from time to time. The latest diagnostic equipment can uncover problems that even the most attentive driver would have missed, and that could mean savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Here are just some of the serious issues a timely diagnosis could uncover.

Alignment Problems

Driving in a vehicle that is out of alignment can be dangerous, but many alignment issues go undetected. If your vehicle is out of alignment, it may not stop squarely in an emergency, and you could even lose control if you need to swerve suddenly.

Timely diagnosis can uncover these hidden alignment problems, protecting yourself and your passengers and possibly even preventing an accident. From potholes to poorly maintained roadways and parking lots, many things can cause alignment problems, but quality diagnostics can find those issues before they cause a crash.

Emission System Issues

A malfunctioning emission system could put your health, and even your life, at risk. If your emission system has an undetected leak, poisonous carbon monoxide could be seeping into the passenger cabin, causing unexplained health symptoms, including headaches and nausea.

A timely diagnosis could uncover these hidden emission system problems, so you can make the needed repairs and protect yourself and your family. It is easy to overlook even a serious emission system problems, and you can never be too careful.

Damaged Belts and Hoses

It is not always easy to tell when your belts and hoses need replaced. Often the first sign of trouble is a burst radiator hose or a popped timing belt. Each of these problems can be serious, and expensive to repair, so it is better to know ahead of time – when you can do something to prevent the damage.

Having your vehicle checked now is the best way to protect yourself from a burst hose or damaged belt. The best time to replace these items is before they fail, and a timely diagnosis can uncover the damage and save you money in the long run.

A quality diagnosis for your car pays off in many ways, saving you time and money, eliminating hassle and keeping you safer on the road. Now is the time to get that diagnosis, so you can drive away with confidence.