Six Signs Your Fuel Pump Is Going Out

Today’s fuel pumps are mechanical and, eventually, the motors can die. Usually, your vehicle will give you signs that the fuel pump is going out. Pit Shop Auto Repair is going to list those signs below so you can bring your vehicle to our shop at the first indication of fuel pump trouble. As you will see by the first sign, it’s important to address the problem as soon as possible.

1. Dead Engine

You may notice one or more of the other signs listed below before you end up with a dead engine, but, eventually, you may be unable to get your vehicle started because the fuel pump has died completely. When this happens, there is no fuel being moved from the tank to the engine and, consequently, you won’t be able to get your engine started or keep it running.

2. Engine Surges

Sometimes, the fuel pump can get stuck in the open position before it dies and this will make your engine surge. Your vehicle will pick up speed even though you have not changed the amount of pressure you are putting on the accelerator. This is because the engine is getting too much fuel due to the stuck fuel pump. Unfortunately, your engine will continue to surge until you get the fuel pump replaced.

3. High-Speed Sputtering

If the engine is not getting enough fuel from the fuel pump, your engine will sputter at high speeds. You may also notice a loss of engine performance when you try to accelerate. This indicates that the engine is fuel-starved, i.e., the malfunctioning fuel pump is not pumping enough diesel fuel or gasoline from the tank into the combustion chamber.

4. Loss of Fuel Economy

If your engine does not have the right amount of fuel, it cannot run efficiently. When this happens, you will notice a reduction in your fuel economy. It doesn’t matter if the engine has too much or too little fuel in it. The engine is not running efficiently and, as a consequence, it is burning through the gasoline more quickly.

5. Overheating Engine

The fuel pump motor can also overheat when it wears down and this will cause your engine to overheat. The most common reason why the fuel pump motor overheats is that it is not getting enough fuel out of the tank to keep it cool.

6. Power Loss Under Stress

Your vehicle may also lose power when it is under stress if the fuel pump is malfunctioning. This, again, is an indication that the pump is not pulling enough fuel out of the tank to meet the engine’s needs.

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