Pit Shop Auto Repair and Your Check Engine Light

Your vehicle’s dashboard is capable of producing many lights with some fairly specific. Anti-lock brakes, emissions, low oil. Few lights are as vague and maybe even intimidating than the check engine light. Pit Shop Auto Repair of Libertyville, Illinois is here to help. We have ASE Certified Technicians and a great team that can help you fix whatever problems come up.

What does the light mean?

Here is a small piece of good news about the check engine light: Using a variety of sensors, your vehicle knows that something is happening that could be a problem for normal driving, and you might not have to wait until your vehicle breaks down to learn about it. A check engine light is effectively a warning that you should get your vehicle checked out. Pit Shop Auto Repair has the experience, knowledge, and technology to have your engine tell us the problem so we can help you with your car repair. 

We’ve also seen it all before, including people who place a piece of electrical tape over the engine light. While clever, we suggest seeing if your check engine light is serious or not.

A couple things first

The check engine light has been known to come on for really simply reasons. The simplest of which is a loose gas cap. A loose gas cap doesn’t allow compression of the fuel system and lets additional moisture into your gas tank. Tightening your gas cap and ensuring the gas cap is locked could turn your engine light off.

Many cars will have a more serious, stern texted based warning on the dashboard if something is immediately wrong. For example, your vehicle could say, “Low Oil Pressure. Turn Off Engine.” 

Maintenance and your Check Engine Light

Pit Shop Auto Repair can help catch many of the issues that will cause your check engine light to go on. Engine lights can come on for bad spark plugs and bad sensors. Many of these can be found by expert mechanics before they ever become an actual problem. Your vehicle does need regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections to ensure safety. Here at Pit Shop we are glad to offer complete maintenance for your vehicle. Repeat customers help us build a service history for you so we know what’s been happening. 

About Us

Pit Shop Auto Repair is located at 19123 West Casey Rd, Libertyville, Illinois, 60048. You can call us to schedule an appointment at 847-984-0176. In order to best serve you, we offer services to keep you on the road. In addition to same day service for most issues, you can get a loaner car or ride on our shuttle. We also have a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty to ensure that our parts last – if not, bring it back to us and we’ll make it right. We are family owned and love to learn your name and have repeat customers come back with their vehicles for years.