How Can I Tell If I Have a Problem With My Power Steering Pump?

Chances are, your power steering pump will let you know if it is having a problem. It shows specific symptoms that we will list below. The good news is that we can fix the problem here at Pit Shop Auto Repair. If you notice any of the things on the list, schedule an appointment for a power steering system inspection right away.

Difficulty Responding

One of the first signs that your power steering pump is going bad is a slow response to the steering commands. In other words, you will turn your steering wheel but your vehicle may not begin to adjust its direction. It may take some time before it does so, or it may not do it all. This can make controlling your automobile difficult and dangerous, especially if you are in an intersection.

Groaning Noises

Groaning noises is another common symptom of a bad power steering pump. You will hear the power steering groan every time you turn the wheel. The sound may get louder the more you crank the wheel. This is not only a sign of a bad power steering pump but it is also an indication that you have low power steering fluid in the system. Low power steering fluid can damage your power steering system.

Squealing Noises

If you hear squealing noises when you first turn on your automobile, this is definitely a sign that you have a problem with the power steering pump or the power steering pump belt. You may also hear these squealing sounds when you make turns, and, as with groaning, the noise may get louder the tighter you crank the steering wheel.

Wheel Stiffness

If you feel as if you are suddenly driving a manual steering automobile, this is definitely a sign that your power steering pump is going out. Your power steering wheel will become much stiffer and more difficult to turn with a bad power steering pump. Unfortunately, the steering wheel will not loosen until such time as you get the power steering pump replaced.

Whining Noises

Finally, aside from the groaning and squealing noises, you may also hear whining noises coming from underneath the hood. This is a sign that the power steering pump is going bad. The whining is coming from the power steering pump’s internal parts.

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