How Can I Help My Car Last Over 200K Miles

A vehicle is a major investment you want to last for a long time. Reliability is critical and it is dependent on the upkeep. In Libertyville, IL, the average car owner will keep one vehicle for ten years or longer whether it was purchased new or used. With guarantees being touted by carmakers about engine longevity, the race to get as many miles as possible out of one vehicle is the goal. Everyone wants to get the most for their money. The key is figuring out all the right things to do to achieve it. Here is how you can help your car last over 200K miles.

Oil Changes

Keeping fresh oil in your motor is imperative to a long lasting engine. Oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. The more mileage the vehicle accumulates the heavier the oil needs to be. The oil grade level is determined by the vehicle’s manufacturer recommended maintenance.

Genuine Parts

When something mechanical does malfunction always seek out genuine replacement parts. After the market parts may cause additional wear on the vehicle. A replacement radiator, fan, or alternator should give the same performance as the original.

Transmission Flush

You should have your transmission fluid flushed and filter changed every 100,000 miles. It will eliminate small metal particles that can cause damage to your transmission which can affect your engine.


Your tires should be at the optimal air pressure. Your engine works harder when your tires are not inflated properly. Also, have your tires rotated for even wear and replaced when necessary. A tire with little or no tread is just as bad as a flat tire.

Air Filters

Change the air filter under the hood routinely when you change your motor oil. A clogged filter can affect your engine’s performance. The cabin air filter that circulates the air inside the car needs to be changed at least twice a year.

Fuel treatments

After you vehicle reaches 100,000 miles, add a fuel treatment agent twice a year in the gas tank. Make sure you have a full tank of gasoline and add the treatment directly. It will burn off any sediment and remove any water deposits that might have gotten into the gas line.

All of these efforts in combination will help your car last over 200k miles. Many of these things can be addressed on a do-it-yourself basis. However, when in doubt, allow the professionals over at Pit Shop Auto Repair to lend you a helping hand.