Here Are Six Signs of Exhaust System Trouble in Your Car

Your vehicle’s exhaust system usually doesn’t cause any trouble but it isn’t invincible, either. Tasked with handling the exhaust generated by the motor, the exhaust system does more than remove the exhaust through the tailpipe. It also treats the exhaust to make it safe for the environment and keeps dangerous exhaust outside of your car, truck, or SUV’s cabin. Pit Shop Auto Repair says you might have a problem with your exhaust system if you notice any of the following six signs.

Engine Noise

The muffler is called the muffler because it muffles engine noise. If you’ve ever heard an engine that isn’t muffled, you’ve probably lost some hearing. Your engine should not be overly noisy. If it is, you probably have a loose muffler, a hole somewhere in the muffler, or a leaking exhaust manifold gasket.

Power Trouble

The exhaust system helps power your vehicle and a faulty system will make it harder to accelerate and maintain vehicle power. This is a sign you have an exhaust leak somewhere and, again, it could be in the muffler, the manifold gasket, or even in the tailpipe. Decreased power signals exhaust problems.

Low Gas Mileage

If you have a power decrease, your engine will work harder to start from a stopped position and go at fast speeds. As a result, it will burn more gasoline to keep it powered. Low gas mileage could be your exhaust system, your fuel system, or even your tires. Don’t burn more gas than necessary.

Burning or Rotten Egg Smells

Nobody wants to smell burning or rotten eggs when they’re driving. Burning smells could signal an engine fire, so pull over immediately. Rotten eggs usually mean your catalytic converter isn’t working properly, which can cause problems with your vehicle’s exhaust. Strange smells signal trouble.

Damaged Exhaust Pipe

Check your exhaust pipe or pipes regularly to make sure they aren’t damaged or loose. If you hit a speed bump or drive a piece of road debris too quickly, you can damage your exhaust pipe. If somebody hits you from behind, this can also damage the pipe. Get the pipe fixed if there’s something wrong with it.

Interior Smells

Finally, you should never smell engine fumes in your vehicle’s cabin. The whole point of the exhaust system is to draw gas and other exhaust fumes out of the engine to the outside. If you smell gas inside your car, come see us right away. The fumes are dangerous and signal an exhaust system problem.

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