Fall Vehicle Maintenance

You know your furnace needs fall maintenance before winter comes but what about your vehicle? Yes, it is wise to have your vehicle inspected prior to the colder weather, especially in Illinois where the winters really pack a punch. Pit Shop Auto Repair would be happy to ensure your car, truck or SUV is winter-ready with fall vehicle maintenance. Here are five things we’ll inspect to ensure your safety on the wet and icy winter roads.

1. Antifreeze Check

Before winter hits, it’s wise to have your radiator system checked for leaks and low or dirty antifreeze. If you park outside, you know how hard it is to start your car in the winter. Antifreeze prevents your engine from freezing, so have it checked in the fall. In fact, have the entire radiator system checked, including the hoses, to make certain you won’t run into trouble after the snow hits.

2. Tire Tread

Don’t even think about driving on winter roads with bald tires; the dangers cannot be overstated. Your tire tread is what helps the wheels grab onto the roads when they’re icy and wet. Bald tires skid on wet and icy roads, which means you will likely be the cause of that accident we don’t want you to get into. Have your tires inspected, including the air pressure, prior to winter and replace any that need it.

3. Steering and Suspension

Two other key systems that help you handle your vehicle on wet and icy roads are the steering and suspension, and both should be inspected now. You want to make certain your suspension doesn’t need any work because it keeps all four tires even on the road. You also want to make certain your steering isn’t wobbly or otherwise difficult to handle on slippery roadways.

4. Wipers and Defrosters

Summer sun beats up your windshield wiper blades so check them out to make sure they aren’t worn. If the rubber looks a little sad, replace the blades to avoid damage to the wiper arms and your windshield. You should also make certain your vehicle’s defrosters are working because you don’t want to get stuck in a snowstorm with foggy windows. Visibility is crucial during a storm.

5. Change the Oil

Even if it’s not time, consider changing your motor oil and having synthetic oil put in your engine instead of conventional motor oil. Synthetic motor oil stands up to elements better than conventional motor oil does because it’s manmade. It has additives that help it keep its viscosity when the temperatures freeze, so it’s a good idea to use synthetic motor oil in the winter.

We’re Pit Shop Auto Repair and we’d love to inspect your vehicle to ensure it’s safe for winter. Call us today to set up an appointment or stop by our Libertyville, IL, shop.