Fall Cleanup & Maintenance Tips For Your Car

When we think of preparation for fall, let’s be honest, we are really talking about getting ready for the long, harsh winter. Here, in Libertyville, IL, we know all about cold, long winters. Well, so does your car and your car also knows that you will do the right thing to get it ready for winter. If we do not follow a proper fall cleanup & maintenance routine, our cars will be unprepared for the cruel realities of what will be sure to take a toll. Check out this list of preventive maintenance tips for the fall to prepare you for the low temperatures and other inclement, winter weather.

Windshield Check

All the components of the windshield should be maintained in the fall. You must ensure that your visibility is at its optimal level of performance. Visibility issues can be one of the primary causes of accidents. It is even more alarming to think it is avoidable. When dangerous weather systems occur, we are usually unprepared if we have not followed our planned maintenance. Specifically, our windshield wiper blades are an easy fix to prevent these issues. Ensuring that your defrosters are working, will help in rain and snow and make your vision is clear during dangerous conditions. Your wiper fluids should be checked and filled to make sure they are ready when needed.

Battery Check

Cold weather can be harsh on automobile batteries. Just like it is harder for our bodies to warm up and takes more time and energy, so it is for our car’s batteries. In freezing and below-freezing temperatures, your batteries are working harder. Specifically, it loses more of its strength in the cold and takes more current than in lower temperatures. A great defense is to check your battery lines and connections in the fall. Having strong connections will aid in making sure all the current needed will travel properly. Here at Pit Shop Auto Repair, we know that a clean terminal with tight connections is important to proper function year-round and especially during the winter months.


If you have winter tires, have them changed in the fall. Even if you use all-weather tires, it is important to make sure that your pressure gets analyzed during the fall. Your tire loses pressure in harsh, cold winter temperatures. Additionally, you should consider the icy roads and snow that you will face and the lower traction that your wheels have on these surfaces and contact us at Pit Shop Auto Repair. Have your tires checked in the fall for pressure and traction to ensure proper stopping distances.