A Bumpy Ride Means Suspension Problems

You shouldn’t feel as if your insides are going to shake out of your body while you’re driving along. Even on a bumpy road, your vehicle is designed to take the lumps if you’re going slow enough. If you’ve noticed your ride has become a bit bumpy lately, you may have suspension problems. Stop by Pit Shop Auto Repair for a quick inspection and any necessary repair.

Familiar Routes

You drive the same route every day and you know when the roads are smooth and when they’re bumpy. You also know how your car, truck or SUV feels on each road. If something feels different one day, pay careful attention. For example, imagine there’s a dip in the road on your way to work and you drive through it each day at 10 miles-per-hour. You’ve noticed this week that your vehicle bounces a little bit more than it normally would when you go through the dip. You take the dip slower and it still bounces. This is a sign of worn struts or leaking shock absorbers.

Your vehicle should always handle and feel the same on familiar routes. If it bounces more; lurches forward, backward, or sideways; pulls to one side, something is going on underneath the automobile that warrants a professional check. It could be your vehicle’s suspension or alignment, but it could also be the brakes, transmission, or undercarriage. You can rule in suspension if you feel differently on the same roads you drive every day. Your suspension handles how the vehicle feels on the road, so if it feels different, you’ve got something going on with the suspension.

Other Suspension Trouble Signs

Your vehicle suspension has several components to it and one of those components is your steering system. Signs of trouble with the steering portion of your vehicle include a tight steering wheel, a loose steering wheel, clicking or squealing when steering, and unresponsive steering. You might also have suspension trouble if your vehicle leans to one corner. For example, if your vehicle tilts to one side or rests lower at one wheel, you’ve probably broken a suspension spring. Have your suspension inspected and serviced regularly to avoid any problems. 

Pit Shop Auto Repair is located in Libertyville, IL, and we work on automotive suspensions. Call us today to discuss your suspension-related concerns and to set up an appointment for an inspection. Because we are a full-service auto repair shop, we can help you even if the problem isn’t your vehicle’s suspension.