Automotive Fluids Are Different Colors So You Can Tell Them Apart

Automotive fluids come in different colors to help you tell them apart. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have the same fluid colors underneath the hood. You can, especially red. Pit Shop Auto Repair is going to talk about the different colors of automotive fluids below. This can help you identify the fluid if you end up with a leak. If you do, do not panic. We can help by finding the leak and fixing it no matter what it is.


If you see blue spots on your garage floor, chances are, your vehicle is leaking windshield washing solution. This cleaning and de-icing solution is blue. Some engine antifreezes and coolants can also be blue or blue-green, but the most common blue fluid in your automobile is windshield washer.


Clear fluid is usually just water. It is condensation dripping off of your air conditioner or out of your tailpipe. Brand new brake fluid can be so light that it looks clear. Fuel is also clear. It’s important to smell the clear fluid leaking out of your automobile to make sure that it isn’t fuel.


Antifreeze/coolant is green. This is just one of the many colors of this automotive fluid. As we said above, the green might have a blue tinge to it, and it is crucial that you don’t drive your automobile if it is leaking coolant. Low coolant levels will make the engine overheat.


Orange fluid is antifreeze/coolant with rust in it. This is common in older automobiles that have a ton of miles on them. The orange fluid is a sign that your radiator has rusted out and is leaking from the bottom. You will need to replace your radiator.


Pink fluid is a bad sign. This is a combination of engine coolant and transmission fluid. If you see pink fluid on your garage floor, don’t drive your automobile. Doing so will damage the transmission beyond repair.


Transmission fluid is normally red, and the coolant dilutes it to pink. Power steering fluid is also red. Other fluids in your automobile that can be red are brake fluid and coolant.


Finally, new brake fluid can be yellow or amber, and engine coolant can be yellow. New motor and differential oil are light brown, but in the right light, they might look a bit yellow. Speaking of brown, motor oil, differential oil, and brake fluid are all brown.

As we said above, Pit Shop Auto Repair in Libertyville, IL, can find your auto fluid leak and fix it. Call us today for an appointment.