Four Common Audi Problems

You love your Audi and so do we. Audi’s do, however, have a few common problems. This isn’t unusual nor does it suggest that Audi is an inferior vehicle. The engineering behind this German automobile is topnotch. All vehicles have quirks. Thankfully, Pit Shop Auto Repair knows how to fix most of them. Here are four common Audi problems that we repair regularly.

1. Electrical Component Failure

No matter what you drive these days it has more electrical components than ever before and some Audis end up with electrical quirks. We’ve had customers bring their Audi in for digital display issues, flashing lights and tail lamps that go out prematurely. We have the diagnostic equipment to isolate the electrical issue, which means we can fix it quickly and easily most of the time.

2. Ignition Component Failure

Another common problem with some Audi automobiles is the ignition coil or spark plugs. In fact, we see ignition coil failure more than any other issue with Audis. If your engine is misfiring, it could be the ignition coil or the spark plugs. Either way, don’t put off the repair. Misfiring causes stalls and the failing part could damage other ignition components. Early repairs save you money.

3. Exhaust Component Failure

Replacing the ignition coil or spark plugs isn’t as expensive as replacing the catalytic converter and this, too, can be one of the common Audi problems. We won’t replace your catalytic converter without determining the underlying cause of its breakdown. In some cases, carbon buildup can damage the catalytic converter and the exhaust gas recirculation system, too, so we’ll determine why carbon is accumulating.

4. Oil Leakage

Finally, Audis can leak oil and nothing is worse than backing out of your garage only to see brown spots on its floor. In most cases, the oil is leaking from the valve cover gasket or the camshaft tensioner. Thankfully, both parts are replaceable, which means we can stop the leak. In fact, if you bring your Audi in for an oil leak, we’ll inspect the oil system to make sure we isolate the leak and repair it.

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