Three Cold Weather and Winter Driving Tips

Winters in Illinois is fast approaching. And you know that they can get brutal. That is why The Pit Shop Garage, your auto repair shop in Libertyville, IL is happy to offer you these three cold weather and winter driving tips.

Your vehicle must be ready for all kinds winter traveling. Whether it’s during the holidays or the usual commute to and from work, it’s better to have your vehicle prepared for it than never at all. And the last thing you need is to suffer a breakdown on the side of the road (especially when the winter weather takes a turn for the worse).

If you are concerned about your vehicle and how it might function during the winter time, keep reading. Let’s dive right into these tips so you are prepared for Old Man Winter’s wrath:

1. Get your vehicle inspected ASAP

It’s imperative that your vehicle gets inspected once, maybe twice a year. That second time of the year should be just before the winter weather hits. Pit Shop Auto Repair has ASE-certified mechanics near Round Lake Beach, IL that will inspect your vehicle from the inside and out.

If they spot something that needs repairs, they’ll get the job done. And most of those repairs can get done on the same day. While it’s being worked on, you can get a free loaner vehicle that is pre-inspected and ready to go. Perfect for when you need to get to work or run errands.

And remember, our parts and repairs come with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. Our high-quality parts are second to none. And we provide financing options if money is a bit of an issue.

If you are making payments after hours, then our 24/7 drop box is there to take it the next day when we open.

2. Make sure your snow tires are installed

Snow or winter tires provide you with excellent grip on snow covered roadways. Especially when they are half worn. Compare that to those “all-weather” tires that don’t even get the job done.

Without snow tires, you’ll be doing plenty of slipping and sliding all over the roads near Lindenhurst, IL. And you might cause a car crash if and when you lose control of your vehicle. The sooner you install your snow tires on, the better.

And Pit Shop Auto Repair will make sure that your tires are installed quickly so you are in, out, and on with life.

3. Check your heaters

Your heaters must be in working order. Everything from the defrost to the warm air blowing out of it. If there is no air or no warm air blowing out, then that’s a serious problem.

You want you and your passengers to be very comfortable and warm as you’re all traveling from one place to the next. Don’t be left out in the cold, even from the inside of your vehicle this winter.

What are you waiting for? Make Sure Your Vehicle Is In Good Shape

There is no better time than now to make sure that your vehicle is in good shape. Especially when your vehicle needs to handle the winter weather. What are you waiting for?

Set up an appointment with Pit Shop Auto Repair today by calling or visit our shop at 19123 West Casey Rd, Libertyville, IL 60048.