Why Should I Have a Pre-Purchase Inspection on a Car Before I Buy It?

The quick and simple answer to the question in this post’s title is you should have a pre-purchase inspection before you buy a car to protect yourself and protect your purchase. It isn’t necessary to demand a pre-purchase inspection on a new car, as it is usually under a limited warranty after you drive it off the lot, but if you’re looking at a used car to buy, Pit Shop Auto Repair recommends you have it inspected first. You don’t know how rough the previous owner was on the car.

Don’t Inspect it Yourself

You might think a quick kick of the tires and look under the hood will be enough but honestly, it isn’t. The vehicle needs to be checked from top to bottom and driven before you should consider buying it. Even if you know a lot about cars, you won’t see everything unless you use diagnostic equipment and have a trained eye to spot common issues that come with used cars. Your test drive alone should include rough terrain and hills to see how the vehicle performs.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection Checks

When you take the vehicle you’d like to purchase to a trusted mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection, the technician will look for any and all problems the vehicle might have. This includes

  • Checking all equipment, including optional equipment, to ensure it functions properly
  • Inspect the brakes and tires to determine their current wear and projected lifespan
  • Inspect the body, engine, and frame in an effort to find hidden problems
  • Hook the vehicle up to diagnostic equipment to find codes that identify electrical or mechanical problems

This total vehicle inspection not only confirms the vehicle will be reliable instead of a lemon it also gives you confidence in your purchase. You don’t want to buy a car that won’t hold any value, much less one that will break down a week after you’ve bought it.

Common Used Car Problems

Taking the above a bit further, a professional pre-purchase inspection detects body and frame damage from prior accidents and whether that damage was repaired correctly, previous engine repairs that might not have been done properly, and fire or flood damage, which could cause major issues in the future. This is why automobile experts agree a pre-purchase inspection is an excellent idea. The inspection reveals issues the previous owner might not have eluded to.

Pit Shop Auto Repair is located in Libertyville, IL, and we’d be happy to give any vehicle a pre-purchase inspection. Give us a call for more information.