When to Get New Brakes: 3 Signs To Look Out For

Your car’s brakes may be hands down one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If anything, they are one of the many
parts that you never want to fail. Failed brakes can lead to disastrous situations like traffic accidents.

That’s why Pit Shop Auto Repair, your brake repair service in Libertyville, IL provides you with this quick guide! This will
cover three signs to look for that indicate the need for a brake change. To avoid failing brakes and the disasters that come
along with it, keep reading.

     1. Squeaking or grinding noise

This may be one of the most common signs that you’ll experience with brakes. When applying them, you’ll hear squeaks and grinding noises that will make you cringe. It’s not nails to a chalkboard, but it’s close.

Your ASE-certified mechanics near Gurnee, IL will be of service if you ever hear these noises. Come by Pit Shop Auto Repair and we’ll replace them. You’ll be quite happy with the fact that they are backed by a nationwide warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles.

By the way, you can get your brakes replaced on the same day. That’s the kind of service you’ll get from us. Why go to anyone else?

     2. Diminished performance

Your brakes can wear and tear over time. Even to the point where you’ll notice gradual changes in their performance. If you’re noticing that the brakes aren’t doing as good as they used to, it’s time to make a change.

When you’re getting your brakes repaired by an auto repair shop near Lake Forest, IL, you might be in a hurry to get stuff done. That’s why Pit Shop Auto Repair offers free loaner vehicles.

If you just need a ride to and from the shop, we’ll be able to help. If it’s at home or from work, we’ve got you covered!

     3. Brake warning light

If you need an obvious reminder, there’s the brake warning light. It will come on if your vehicle notices there is an issue with the brakes themselves. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm, you’ll want to get it checked out by an auto mechanic near Lindenhurst, IL.

Most vehicles including the modern models will have this light. If it’s lit up, you may want to take it seriously. Don’t take warning lights for granted, even if they turn out to be false.

New brakes needed? Come see us!

Brakes should be working at all times. If you are dealing with one of these three brake signs, get them changed at Pit Shop Auto Repair. We are ready to serve our customers and provide them with the high-quality parts and services you need.

Don’t let poor performing brakes hurt your regular commute. You need to get moving every day. Let Pit Shop Auto Repair make that happen.

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