What Can Crack the Exhaust Manifold?

Pit Shop Auto Repair advises that heat is the most common reason why an exhaust manifold will crack in the exhaust system. As such, this is just one reason why you should never drive yourautomobile when the engine is overheating. An overheating engine can damage the exhaust manifold as well as the head gasket. Extreme heat can even crack the engine block. If your exhaust manifold cracks, the check engine light will most likely turn on. In addition, you will have the following problems.

Sketchy Performance

Your engine’s performance is going to be reduced by the crack in the exhaust manifold. The reason why is that the gases that make up your engine’s exhaust leak out of the crack and take up space inside the engine. In particular, they can fill the combustion chamber. Once full, the engine will have a difficult time producing combustion. Consequently, the performance of the engine will lag.

Reduced Fuel Economy

In order for your automobile to get the gas mileage the vehicle manufacturer promised, you need to have an engine that is running as efficiently as possible. With the crack in the manifold releasing gases into the engine and affecting its performance, the engine is going to burn more fuel. Unfortunately, this means that your fuel economy will tank. Sorry for the pun.

Strange Engine Noises

If you listen carefully, you may also hear strange noises coming from the engine. As the exhaust gases leak out of the crack in the manifold, they may make a popping sound or a tapping sound. If the crack is a bit smaller, they may make a squealing sound or a hissing sound. If you hear any of these noises, head straight to our shop so we can determine the source of the noise and repair it.

Strong Burning Odors

Aside from hearing strange noises, your nose may also clue you into the fact that the exhaust manifold is cracked. As you can imagine, the exhaust that is escaping from the manifold is hot. Consequently, it will heat up your engine and create strong burning odors in the engine.

Strong Exhaust Odors

Finally, it can also since the exhaust into the passenger cabin where you will smell it. You don’t need us to tell you that inhaling your vehicle’s exhaust is extremely dangerous. As such, if you smell exhaust inside the cabin, pull over and call for a tow truck.

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