Things You Should Never See on Your Car’s Battery

It’s important to know your car battery’s age and to inspect it regularly. Automobile batteries only last three-to-five years on average. Take a look at the sticker on your vehicle’s battery to see when it was manufactured. Inspect the battery regularly, too, and if you see any of the following battery trouble, bring your vehicle into The Pit Shop Auto Repair for a battery test. We can replace the battery if you need a new one.


Shine a flashlight on your battery even in daylight and look closely to spot bubbling on the case. You should never see your car battery bubble. This is a sign that you have too much voltage pouring into the battery, which could be an alternator problem or another electrical problem. A battery will also bubble when it’s starting to die in some cases. You likely need a new battery if see bubbling on the case.


Bulging or swelling is also a sign of battery trouble. In this case, the battery is overcharged and excess hydrogen gas and heat are building up inside of the battery. This buildup causes the case to bulge or swell because it’s happening so fast that the battery cannot keep with it. Usually, the battery has time to dissipate any excess heat and gas so the case does not swell. If it does, something’s wrong with the battery.


Corrosion does not necessarily mean you need a new battery unless it’s excessive or happens all the time. Take a look at your battery frequently to make sure there isn’t any corrosion on the terminals and cables. If there is, you can clean off the corrosion with baking soda and water. If the corrosion comes back almost right away, or if there is so much corrosion it’s difficult to clean, your battery probably needs to be replaced.


Finally, your car battery should never be cracked. If it is, it’s either connected too tightly, improperly, or it’s not connected tight enough and is bouncing around on its tray. Driving with a cracked battery is asking for trouble. The battery can leak and fail. If you see anything that looks like a crack on your vehicle’s battery case, have it inspected by a professional to make sure the battery is okay.

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