The Pros and Cons of Buying a BMW

The marketing gurus at BMW scored big with the tagline, “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Who doesn’t want to drive that off the lot? More importantly, when considering a luxury brand, you know these carmakers live to compete with each other–always a plus for consumers. Still, you might wonder if this brand actually delivers what it claims. Well, let’s take a look.

Advantages of Driving a BMW

  • Up-to-Date Technology – It’s no accident BMW calls itself a machine. This automaker prioritizes innovative tech. This focus means you not only get the best mechanical updates, but these models never skimp on amenities like interactive controls, driver assists, and fun displays. If you like keeping up with the latest industry gadgets, driving a BMW just makes sense.
  • High-Quality Interior – As a luxury brand, BMW has a reputation to uphold, so you never forget what you’re driving when you sit in that cozy leather seat. With high-quality materials covering every open surface, drivers and passengers alike feel continuously spoiled with space and comfort.
  • Impressive Performance – If you want to enjoy the drive, BMW won’t disappoint. In fact, the brand markets itself as performance-focused. Even if you opt for the smaller 3 series, all models bring the same get-up-and-go via turbocharged engines, perfectly-tuned suspensions and elegant maneuverability.
  • Disadvantages of Driving a BMW
  • Up-Front and Service/Maintenance Costs – Surely you predicted this one…luxury brands don’t often stand on a platform of affordability. With add-ons that come standard with every model, these cars ask you to pay for what you get. Of course, when considering a BMW, you understand you seek the highest quality available, and a greater financial obligation comes with the package. Like most imports, BMWs cost more to maintain and service, as well, their parts and repair methods coming from across an ocean. Although you should expect a certain level of dependability from day one, all cars have parts designed to wear out, so maintenance and repair fees will eventually become inevitable. Remember, however, that old adage about an ounce of prevention? If you meticulously keep up with standard services, you have a better chance of side-stepping expensive and time-consuming repairs. It’s just a fact.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, choosing your ideal vehicle comes down to several factors, including lifestyle, budget and expectations. If you’re serious about a BMW, your best option is to talk with your local dealer about financing options and specialty programs. You might find yourself in one of these more easily than you think.

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