Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil Before Thanksgiving

You’re looking forward to Thanksgiving with your parents and your mother’s world-famous pumpkin pie; you aren’t looking forward to the drive. Hours in the car both ways with the kids whining is the only downside of this holiday weekend, and now is the time to have your vehicle serviced to ensure you don’t add hours being stuck on the side of the road to the commute. Switch to synthetic oil for added protection against the wear and tear of driving the busy Thanksgiving weekend roadways.

Synthetic Motor Oil Facts

You probably already know that synthetic motor oil is manmade but did you know that it’s been around since 1929? Developed in a lab and manufactured in laboratories to this day, this motor oil begins with distilled crude oil modified with manmade petroleum components and chemical additives designed to make the oil perfect. The Germans used synthetic motor oil in World War II when the Allies took over their oil supply, and synthetic oil was crucial in American during the 1970s’ Iran oil crisis.

Vehicles That Use Synthetic Oil

Automobile engines are one engine that uses synthetic oil, and many automobile manufacturers recommend synthetic only for their high-performance vehicles to reduce the chances of engine damage. Synthetic motor oil is also used in jet engines exclusively. This is because the oil’s additives help it stand up better to the high heat and intense combustion of airline engines. Some production line machinery and many military vehicles use synthetic oil, as well, for better protection. 

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Before you head out on your long Thanksgiving drive, consider replacing your conventional motor oil with synthetic. There are many advantages to using this oil for long drives. Because it is manmade and contains additives to boost its performance, synthetic oil maintains its viscosity despite extreme temperature variations, which helps it lubricate your engine better when you’re stuck in holiday traffic.

The more you sit in a traffic jam, the hotter your engine gets, not only because there isn’t any air flowing through it but also because conventional motor oil thins out. Synthetic motor oil will stand up to the engine heat and lubricate and protect moving engine parts as well in traffic as it will when you’re moving. It will also protect as well in freezing temperatures because it doesn’t freeze.

The Pit Shop Auto Repair in Libertyville, IL, has a special on synthetic oil changes until the end of this month, so make an appointment for an oil change before you leave for the Thanksgiving holidays.