Do I Need New Tires?

There are a lot of parts that need to function properly for your vehicle to function safely, none more important than where the rubber meets the road. Your tires need to be in good working order, or else you won’t be getting far. Anyone who has ever spent time on the side of the road with a flat tire knows how frustrating it can be and knows it is something best avoided. At Pit Shop Automotive, we have been providing the good people of Libertyville, IL, with our automotive services for decades, and wanted to talk about a few different ways you can tell you need new tires.

Have You Been Noticing That the Vehicle Pulls to One Side?

This could of course be your wheel’s alignment, but feeling your vehicle pull to one side or the other could mean that at least one of your tires has worn unevenly. This most commonly happens to the driver’s side tires, especially if you drive around without passengers often. If your vehicle has been pulling to one side, you may want to have your tires inspected by an experienced mechanic in Libertyville, IL.

The Penny Test Is Tried and True

The penny test has been around for a long time, and for good reason; it’s effective, and there’s almost always a penny laying around somewhere. To test your tires, all you have to do is take a penny and place it into the tread of your tire with Abraham Lincoln’s shoulders down. If Lincoln’s head is covered up by your tire’s tread, then your tires are fine! The more you see Lincoln’s face, the worse off your tires are, and the sooner they need to be replaced.

Problems Maintaining Tire Pressure?

Have your tires been having issues staying inflated? Find yourself constantly filling up your tires with air? If so, it may indicate that your tires are too old or have holes in them. One hole may be pluggable, but if you have multiple, it’s better to go with a replacement.

How Old Are Your Tires?

No matter how worn they are, if your tires are too old, they probably need replacement. Older tires and older rubber, in general, become dry rot and unusable. It can take a good while for tires to become dry rot, though exposure to the sun and extreme temperatures can quicken the process greatly. If you’ve had your tires for a while, it may be time to consider getting a new set.

Get Some Help from an Experienced Automotive Maintenance and Repair Specialist in Libertyville, IL

Still not sure if you need new tires or not? Looking for some assistance getting a new set of tires put on your vehicle? At Pit Shop Automotive, we employ a team of highly experienced auto mechanics who are ready to help you put on new tire or do anything you need to be done to your car. You can give us a call at (847-321-7049) or contact us/request an appointment online today. We look forward to providing you with our services.