Four Signs Your Fuel Injectors Need Cleaning

Your fuel injectors can clog over time. This is just a natural progression in the life of your automobile. Despite gasoline manufacturers’ claims, all fuel has some sediment in it. This sediment can clog your fuel injectors eventually. Pit Shop Auto Repair cleans fuel injectors. Here are four signs you need to bring your vehicle in for this service.

1. I Cannot Start My Car’s Engine

You know that your car might not start for any number of reasons, but did you know it could also be your injectors? Sometimes, a clogged fuel injector can be stuck in the open or closed position, which means it’s either flooding your engine with gasoline or not sending gas to the engine at all. Signs your fuel injectors are preventing your car, truck, or SUV’s engine from starting include misfiring and/or sputtering. Both indicate the engine is struggling with the fuel supply or lack thereof.

2. Acceleration Problems

Perhaps you did get your engine to start but darned if it isn’t giving you trouble on the road. Your vehicle isn’t gaining speed from a stop like it normally does nor can it speed up quickly to make a lane change. This, too, suggests that the engine is not getting the gas it needs to increase its power, which could be a clogged fuel injector or bad fuel pump. Clogged fuel injectors can also make your engine pick up speed and then drop it without you doing anything with your foot pressure on the accelerator.

3. Shaky Idling

When your vehicle is sitting still and just idling, your injectors still send a consistent stream of fuel to the motor to keep it from stalling. Should the engine stall when you stop or if you hear your engine struggling to keep running, your fuel injectors could be clogged and unable to send a steady stream of gas. Your engine’s idle may also sound rough – even violent – until you step on the gas and move forward. Your engine should idle smoothly. If it isn’t, there’s something wrong.

4. Low Gas Mileage

Finally, if the fuel injectors are stuck in an open position because they’re clogged you will notice a difference in your automobile’s gas mileage. Clogged injectors cannot send the right amount of gas to your engine, so you’ll lose fuel if the injectors are sending too much gas, leaking gas, or wasting it. This sign is subtle, but if you think you might be going to the gas station more often than normal, start tracking your miles-per-gallon to see if there’s a marked difference.

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