Three Fall Car Care Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Fall is in full swing. And you’ve been doing the usual running around all summer and during the beginning of school. Isn’t it about time you made sure your vehicle gets checked out for the fall and winter? 

Pit Shop Auto Repair, your auto shop in Libertyville, IL is here to provide you with these three car care tips. You shouldn’t ignore these unless you intend to pay a lot of money on a repair bill or if you’re planning on getting stuck on the side of the road in the dead of winter. 

It’s getting cold all throughout Illinois. And the last thing you want is to freeze while waiting for a tow truck. With that in mind, let’s dive right in to these three car care tips so you can put them to good use as early as today:

Check your brakes and lights

If there are two things you can’t live without, it’s your brakes and your lights. You’ll want to slow down and come to a complete stop (especially when a bus is stopped in front of you). Your lights should also be in working order since you will likely make a turn. 

Safety should always be a high priority and Pit Shop Repair knows this. If your brakes feel scratchy, dull, or if they are simply not working you can get them repaired or replaced. The same can be said about the lights or any other part.

Every part repaired or replaced comes with a 3 year / 36,000 year warranty. There is nothing quite like that anywhere else. 

Top off any antifreeze

While checking what’s going on under the hood, it’s important to see how much antifreeze is left in the radiator. While most worry about the engine overheating, you may want to worry about the engine getting cold to the point where it can be rendered useless. You’ll want to top off the antifreeze so your engine stays at the optimal temperature.

Yes, your engine can freeze to where it might not even start until the weather warms up. Our ASE-certified mechanics near Lindenhurst, IL have seen that so many times before. And the reason why it happens is they don’t put in enough antifreeze.

Do your car a favor and add some of the antifreeze compatible with your vehicle inside your radiator.

Test the heaters

The heaters will be essential whenever you are traveling from point A to point B in the fall. Be sure to check for warm air blowing out of the heaters themselves so you and your passengers won’t have to freeze. 

Keep an eye out for any problems that may occur like continuous cold air blowing out or a non-functional heating and cooling system among other issues. If you run into problems like this, just drop it off a Pit Shop Auto Repair and we’ll take care of it within the same day.

Meanwhile, we’ll set you up with a pre-inspected loaner for free while your vehicle is being worked on. 

Why Wait? Get Your Vehicle In Fall Time Shape Now!

At Pit Shop Auto Repair, we treat our customers like one of our own. As a family operated business, we take good care of our customers with free rides to and from the shop, high-quality repair service, and financing options for those who may be strapped for cash at the moment. 

If you need to make a payment after hours, we have a 24/7 dropbox that is available for you. Let us check to see if your vehicle is in great shape for the fall and winter months. Don’t delay this any longer. 

For all of your auto care needs near Long Grove, IL we are here to help. Call us at 847-984-0176 or visit our location at 19123 West Casey Road, Libertyville, IL, 60048.